We are Giovanni and Ailén, chef and food journalist. Our mission is to introduce you to the wondrous world of the Italian cuisine.

We cook for you with our heart, following both tradition and innovation, telling you unbelievable stories that go back to the dawn of times – stories that are tied to every single Italian dish.


Our mission is to find a way to safely provide cool experiences to our customers’ homes. We create new and interesting ways to bring Cucina Italiana experience to life at home, with restaurant-style meals packaged. In our monthly menus, you will find more healthy homemade dishes with seasonal ingredients, with Traditional, Vegetarian and ‘Fishetarian’ options, Wonderfully curated meals with soul, taste, and creativity just for you can be picked up every week and ready on the table in no more than 5 minutes to became a Chef for a day


But of course, we don’t forget meat lovers and comfort food too like Cannelloni, Parmigiana or Lasagna that you can pick up from Thursday to Saturday and warm up quickly in your oven.


We love to organise workshops in Italian and in English, specialized courses, private and group tuitions, and we are available for professional advice.

For now this is possible just trough on line experience: please write us to get more information!