Risotto Beetrot

Crunchy Beetroot Risotto

Risotto is one of the Italian recipes that are able to scare all the chefs in the world. In truth, for Italians, it’s a very simple dish to cook, as it is a typical feature in our cuisine – although every step in its preparation has to be tended to with care.

This is the gourmand-like and modern version of it – a healthier recipe that needs less butter, skips the sautéed-rice passage and must retain a slightly crunchy texture. We have chosen the beetroot for its bright colour and the re-mineralising properties, very good also for anaemic people or during healing periods. The beetroot cleanses, has antioxidant qualities, protects the cardiovascular system and contains betaine, compound that naturally fights depression. Its sweet, earth-like taste is a perfect match to all varieties of blue cheese, like a mature French Bleu or a mature Dutch Gounda.

Picture by Inge van Beekum


– 300 gr Carnaroli or Vialone Nano rice

– 40 gr butter

– 1.5 lt of vegetable broth

– 120 gr Grated Parmesan Cheese

– 2 beetroots (steam-cooked and blended)

–  Mature Cheese similar to Bleu D’Auvergne

– Olive Extra Virgin Oil – to your liking

–  Pinch of Salt

–  ½ glass of red wine room temperature



– Place the rice in a pot, add some olive oil and stir with care, add salt and 20gr of butter.

– Add wine (room temperature) and cook until the wine has completely evaporated: do not stir but move the pot slightly during the entire procedure.

– Slowly add the vegetable broth and continue cooking, continue adding the broth without stirring if possible.

– Cook for approximately 15 minutes. After cooking, the rice must be tender but “al dente” (the grains are tender but slightly firm to the bite)

– Heat the blended beetroot in a pan, add the risotto. Switch off the cooker, add the remaining butter, beetroot and grated parmesan cheese and stir very delicately for 1 or 2 minutes until you obtain a fairly fluid texture the so called “risotto all’onda”

– Serve the risotto in a plate garnished with flakes of mature cheese.

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