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Proud and ready to start our new activity at the Vershal het Veem, Cucina Italiana 2.0 is ready!!!


Saturday 24th

COOKING WORKSHOP – The Art of egg pasta h 11.00

Simple ingredients and little bit of love is all you need to make your own perfect egg pasta, one of the most popular types of Italian cuisine. In this lesson you will learn hot to make it fresh, how to use the pasta machine, how to make fresh ‘besciamella’. We will look at two different dishes: two versions of the traditional Lasagne with meat (al ragout) and vegetarian (al pesto)


Friday 6th

The authentic Aperitivo Italiano from h 17:30

You will love  the concept: a great way to spend time with the people you love and to meet new friends having a glass of quality Italian wine, matched with typical yummy food daily fresh made.

Thursday 12th

COOKING WORKSHOP – A menù from Puglia h 18:00 

Surprise your friend with a typical menù from Apuglia: in this lesson you will learn how to make Panzerotti (a fried version of a calzone stuffed with mozzarella and tomato sauce),  Orecchiette (home made pasta made with semolina flour), bombette and the amazing Pasticciotti a crusty dessert with a creamy custard filling.

Friday 13th

TEMATIC DINNER – Tales of wine and food: Puglia h 20:00

A taste over Apuglia during an evening dedicated to the flavours of our beloved land so rich in flavors and local delicacies that it has become a new culinary destination. An evening of beautiful stories, every dish will be paired with a different and special wine.

Saturday 21th

COOKING WORKSHOP – Art of pasta di semola h 11.00

This class is focused on the preparation of two different types of Vegan pasta traditionally from northern and southern Italy: “Trofie with pesto, potatoes and green beans” from Liguria and “Orecchiette with turnip tops originally from Puglia. These are two types of classic egg-free pastas, combined with their original toppings.


Giovedì 3 e giovedì 17

CENA CON CONVERSAZIONE (dinner in Italian language)

Siediti alla nostra tavola: potremo parlare di viaggi, arte, musica e tanti altri argomenti seguiti ed aiutati da un’insegnante olandese di lingua italiana. La serata si tiene dalle 19:30 ed è aperta a chi è interessato a cenare e conversare amabilmente in italiano.

Wednesday 9th 

COOKING WORKSHOP – A menù from Piemonte h 18.00

Piedmont has two kitchens – the richer of the Savoy court, and the poorer ones. Both have contributed to a wide variety of regional recipes. You will learn how to make a menù with luxurious dishes served at the Savoy court, but also the simple, rural dishes based on the ordinary ingredients and coming from the farmers’ traditions

Friday 18th & Friday 25th

TEMATIC DINNER – Tales of wine and food: Piemonte

An hymn to joy, you the tradition and the history of the culinary art that has there developed since ancient times in Piedmont. An evening of beautiful stories, where every dish will be paired with different and special wine from this amazing region.

Saturday 26th

COOKING WORKSHOP – The Italian dessert h 11.00

How to make the delicios Italian dessert in the perfect way, like pastafrolla, crostata, pasticciotti and bonet. Are you ready for a full class about the sweetest side of the Italian food tradition?

Thursday 21th

COOKING WORKSHOP – Art of Pizza h 18.00

Discover all the secrets to make the perfect pizza at home: more healthy with less salt and yeast and super yummy.

For booking: info@cucina-italiana.eu – (+31) 6 24 21 71 02

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