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11 OCTOBER - COOKING WORKSHOP THE ART OF PIZZA During this pizza making workshop you are taught how to make the perfect dough base and add the freshest toppings. Your pizza maestro also teaches you methods to knead, break and roll to reach the perfect consistency, ready...

This is agenda for May and June!! MAY Wednesday 9th  COOKING WORKSHOP – A menù from Piemonte h 18.00 Piedmont has two kitchens – the richer of the Savoy court, and the poorer ones. Both have contributed to a wide variety of regional recipes. You will learn how to make a menù with...

Felicissimi di annunciare le prime date nella nuova sede di Cucina Italiana 2.0!!! March Saturday 24th COOKING WORKSHOP - The Art of egg pasta h 11.00 Simple ingredients and little bit of love is all you need to make your own perfect egg pasta, one of the most popular types of Italian cuisine. In this lesson you...