white asparagus egg

“Witte goud” of Brabant, een speciale menù

Proef het “witte goud”, ons Brabants trots bij Cucina-Italiana nieuw menu!

witte asperge

White asparagus is grown underground: Brabant farmers cover the spears in so that they’re not exposed to light and don’t produce chlorophyll (which would turn them green). Available only from April to June, ghostly white asparagus is an especially delicious seasonal specialty.

Perfect for a special menù!!

– Slow cooked eggs, white and green asparagus & robiola cheese foam 14,50€

– Tagliatelle with shrimps white asparagus and almond 17,50€

– Risotto with white asparagus 19,50€

– Spare ribs lamb cooked sous vide with grilled asparagus & demi-glace 26,50€

Please write us for more info and to reserve your place at

info@cucina-italiana.eu – 06 24 21 71 02 

white asparagus egg

tagliatelle asparagi bianchi

tagliatelle asparagi bianchi

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