We are very happy to present our course proposals
to introduce you to the marvelous world of the Italian cuisine.


  • Semolina pasta dough This class is focused on the preparation of two different types of pasta traditionally from northern and southern Italy: “Trofie with pesto, potatoes and green beans” from Liguria and “Orecchiette with turnip tops” originally from Puglia. These are two types of classic egg-free pastas, combined with their original toppings.
  • Rice I We will go through the preparation of two rice dishes: “Risotto with Porcini mushrooms” originally from northern Italy and “Rice with potatoes and peppers” originally from the South. These are two very different, but tasty, ways of cooking rice in Italy.
  • Lasagna One of the most popular types of Italian cuisine. We will look at two different versions of this dish: the first one is the classic “Lasagne alla Bolognese” with ragù from northern Italy, and the second is from southern Italy, “Lasagne alla Napoletana” with ricotta cheese, meatballs, eggs and ham.
  • Stuffed pasta I We will prepare two typical types of stuffed pasta: “Mezzelune verdi”, stuffed with ricotta cheese and combined with a spinach, butter and sage topping. The second dish will be Agnolotti del Pin served with potato cream.
  • Gnocchi and Pizzoccheri Two innovative dough recipes for your main course whose roots are quite ancient, “Gnocchi with Gorgonzola cheese” is a typical dish with a base of potatoes, and “Pizzoccheri” is prepared with buckwheat and is served with cheese, leaf beet, butter and sage.
  • Pizza and Focaccia We will prepare the typical yeast dough in two different versions: with direct and indirect dough. We will create, stuff and bake some of the most famous Italian recipes in the world: “Pizza Margherita”, “Pizza Napoletana” and “Focaccia”.

  • Long pasta We will learn to prepare two delicious types of egg-pasta created with common wheat or durum wheat: “Spaghetti alla chitarra” made in the ‘gricia’ way, simply served with cheek lard and sheep’s milk cheese originally from central Italy, and “Tajarin with sausage ragù”, a timeless dish from the Piemonte.
  • Stuffed pasta II We will prepare “Tortellini Bolognesi”, the most ancient type of stuffed pasta we have in Italy. The second dish is a “Tortelloni with squid ink stuffed with ocean fish”.
  • Rice II To explore rice in Italian street-food this time, we will take a journey to Sicily with the famous “Arancino with ragù and peas”, and to Rome with the “Supplì,” a typical polpetta made with rice.
  • Spoon dessert We will start with the traditional Piemontese dessert “Bonèt Gianduja and Amaretti”, and then we will move to the “Latte in piedi” pudding made with cream served with strawberry sauce, and the famous “Tiramisù” in all its variations including the classic coffee version.
  • Pasta sfoglia This preparation of the typical, delicious and fragrant dough made with flour, water and butter is used for both savoury and sweet recipes, in starters and “aperitivi” as finger foods or for “Cannoncini with custard”.
  • Pasta frolla Creating two types of dough with corn flour and wheat flour, we will bake extraordinary desserts, “cestini and chocolate” and “Ricotta cheese tart”.