Montalbano's Arancini

Montalbano’s Arancini

The “Arancino” or “Arancina is typical delicacy from the Sicilian street-food tradition. Easy to make and super yummy.

Montalbano’s Arancini (12 portions)


500 gr Vialone Nano rice
100 gr Caciocavallo aged cheese
1,2 lt water
0,15 gr saffron
30 gr butter
8 gr salt


50 gr ground beef
50 gr ground pork
50 gr peas
150 ml tomato sauce
1/2 red wine glass
1/2 onion
qb salt, extra-virgin olive oil, pepper


200 gr flour 00
300 ml cold water

50 gr Caciocavallo cheese fresh
bread crumbs
seed oil

*(the rice and the ragù must be done the day before)


– Put the rice in in the pen whit salt and cold water. Cook over medium heat until all the water is absorbed (18/20 minutes)

– When ready add: saffron (dissolved in lukewarm water), grated Caciocavallo aged cheese and butter
Turn off the heat, stir gently, cover and let it “mantecare”

– Spoon and flatten the rice on a tray, cool down and cover it with plastic film, then put in the fridge


– In a pan fry the chopped onion with oliv oil until becomes soft, add the ground meet and stir fry over medium heat

– Add the wine and let it evaporate, add the tomato purée, stir well and simmer for 15/20 minutes

– Add the peas (and some water if needed) and simmer until is thick (10 minutes)

– Adjust with salt and pepper


– Cube the fresh Caciocavallo cheese

– Wet your hands with water

– Divide the rice into 12 portion

– Modal each portion in the palm of your hand, then slightly press your thumb in the center of each one and add some ragù and 2/3 cube of cheese, then shape it into a sphere


– Put in a mixing bowl the flour with very cold water and beat it until creamy


– Bring the oil to 170°/180°C

– Dip the arancino in the batter, then roll it in the bread crumbs and fry until crispy

– Drain and dry with paper and serve hot

Pictures by Inge van Beekum

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